A Zapcode

6 04 2007

What you need is to “Zap” it with your cellphone. It’s a hot thing in Asia now. Shoppers can download pictures and videos of products just by pointing their phones at advertisements or product boxes to take a snapshot of the “new-age” barcode (ZapCode) then send it to the remote computer, which sends back a picture, video or website link to their mobile phone. These code can be found in everywhere such as in newpapers, on T-shirt, signages, name card, birthday cakes….

Developed in South Korea several years ago…and also become popular in Japan. Many big brands company already using it as a marketing tool such as Adidas, Ebay etc.

User needs to download free software from ColorZip SEA’s website onto his/her cellphones.

This is one of our future ways to get information.





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