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2 04 2007

Social news website allow users to generate virtual newpapers by voting stories on and off their front pages (The Economist, 2 Dec 2006).

As a user/reader, I find the choice of news sites and blogs is overwhelming. And now social news sites can really help us to choose stories and vote for those we find most interesting.

One of the good example of social news website is It allows users to submit interesting new items from around the web, relating to politics, technology, celebrity trivia or anything else. Users can add a warning to an item if they believe it to be biased or inaccurate and also allows people to discuss stories at length. has over half  a million registered users since its launch in 2004 and has been value at over $200m.

The world’s largest media company, Time Warner, to turn its ailing news portal into a social news service.

The front page of social news sites are very different from those found on the traditional news sites. Technology features  heavily, as do humorous , quickly and inane stories, while business, politics and world affairs features less prominently.




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11 01 2008

I’ve just visited and it really seems interesting. Thanks for your info.

Everything OK?


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