2 04 2007

Alexander Pircher is a computer science student in Darmstadt, Germany. He has created the web site in 1997. Why this web site so special? Who will get benefit from this?

OK…for those users from censorship-dodgers in countries such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, China and Saudi Arabia. They can simply type a web address into a box on the home page and click a button , and the Anonymouse server (rather than user’s own computer) fetches the page and displays it. Maybe it might seem pointness: rerouting data through another server makes for slower surfing, fonts and graphics are slightly skewed and video may not working probably. But for above countries the manoeuvre is anything but pointless, for this redirection allows them to surf the web anonymously. It enables people living under repressive regimes to visit censored websites. More than 3 million people access the web through this web site every day ( The Economist, 2 Dec 2006).

We have been dicussing this topic since last year when i was in my Master course in Bournemouth University. It is a very interesting topic because our class has 3 students from China and 1 student from Egypt. They told us about how thier governments to censor and stop many web sites. As a result, all of them can’t able to surf many web sites in their counties.
Now, with this web site….boys and girls..why not just give a try 🙂




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