Prague (part 1)

1 10 2006

It is a very stunning and beautiful city. I have a good time so far and I still have another 2 days here. The weather was very nice back to 2 days ago but today is seemed like abit dull. However, I will try to enjoy my day trip and f**k the weather.

Yesterday, I went to the cathedral of St. Vitus (in Prague Castle). It is the spiritual symbol, not only of the church , but also of the Czech state and nation. It was built during the course of six centuries on the site of the former churches of the Bishopric of Prague ( founded in 973), later to become the Archbishopric.

Another attrative spot in Prague is the Charles Bridge. It is an impressive piece of medieval engineering and very beautiful as well. In the bridge, there are a lot of little shops along the bridge with about 32  statues. The night and day time scene is completely difference feel. I like it so much. This bridge was over 400 hundred years (and was the only link between the two halves of Prague.




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