User testing feed back

8 08 2006

I got some feedback comments from the user about the web site:

Pls see below:

Tan sheau ling
Subject:  My final project : User Testing

User Testing Questions
Please, go to

Please browse the web site before starting to answer the simple questions. Thank you very much.

Please rate each of the following on a scale of 1-4:
[1: not at all 2: some but insufficient 3: satisfactory 4: excellent]

1.Overall look and feel (design) of The Benevolent Flame? Not bad

2.Do you feel the design fits the function of the website? Yes

3.In general what is your opinion of the website? Can it be quicker, Do the subpages work?

4.What was your impression of the navigation? A bit slow

5. How do you feed about the design (Comment on):

i) Colour : Good
ii) Style : Good
iii) Layout : Good
iv) Creativity : Good
v) Other: Other design/ color for subpage

6.The number of steps to get to the information you need is just right? Do get any of them accept the chinese version.

7. Identifying your current location in the information structure is easy?
Do get it

8. Do you think this website is user friendly and enjoyable to use?
Not really, not much info.

9. The loading speed of the web site is fast and quick? No

10. Did you find the site informative? Interesting?
No the design is interesting, but not much info as the subpages not working

11. If you want to say anything else about the web site, please add below.
More infomation and quicker .




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