Michel Foucault: Heterotopias

12 06 2006

福柯(Michel Foucault)早在1967年就說過:19世紀為歷史(時間)而著迷,而我們的時代(20世紀)的焦慮卻在於空間。他用“另類空間”(heterotopias)這個術語來形容大量支離破碎、互不兼容但卻相安無事的空間。[7][7] 這些異類空間處於邊緣地位,被同質的公共空間所遮蔽。福柯對時間和空間文化的區分,對異質空間的重視持續地影響了大批後來的文化研究者。

In his essay, "Of Other Spaces" (reprinted in Aesthetics, Method, and Epistemology), Michel Foucault observed that people in advanced technological societies would increasingly move into indeterminate spaces called "heterotopias," which literally means "other places." These spaces are both real and imagined, such as the space where a phone call takes place, or within the informational sphere that has also been labeled "cyberspace."

Foucault argued that before industrialization society was characterized by time. Other media scholars concur, proposing that inventions like the telegraph separated communication from transportation, thereby making information "timeless." Before the telegraph, mediated communication was based on the time it took to be delivered. Afterward, it became instantaneous, thus changing our "communication bias," as Harold Innis called it, to one of space.

[Wikipedia 2006]




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