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25 05 2006





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27 05 2006

Hi Siang Hong,

I am glad that Ching Wi has tied you up with some of her colleages. She certainly has a much wider resource to help you up. No worry for your final project, no matter how, things will still get done at the end… Well, I am telling you this as well as telling myself… I am leaving Singapore on 17 June and they are still piles of thing awaiting me to sort. At one point, I thought I am going crazy…

Back to your topic: Do I see these worships as Art?

When I was very young, I like the idea of simulating life after death the same as our life on earth. I used to watch my aune making paper cloths for the decease and I asked her why the size of the cloths she made are small. Are the decease as small as a child? She told me that after burning the cloth would aumatically fit the decease… At that time, I look at it as part of life.

When I am older, I learn science, physic, biology etc. in high school, and for a long time, I either consciously or subconsciously rejected the act of burning joss papers and the whole act of worshiping the decease. I started to see it as superstition and not logical.

But now, after being travelling around a bit, I started to appreciate these dying culture and hope it can be preserved. In its form, the element of art has been clearly demonstrated – folding of joss paper, design of hell money, ways of worship. In many level, it is definately a state of art. But I am more font of the spiritual part of it. For your project, you probably be able to ‘preserve’ and transform its form, it would be nice to be able to transform its spirit too.

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