PHP Code [Feedback & Upload Content]

4 05 2006

Today was my first lesson of php. I enjoyed it. Below is the PHP code that I learnt.

Email [feedback code]

//get post varibles and store them in local variables

$msg="email feedback form sent from web site\n";
$msg.="Sender's Name: $sender_name\n";
$msg.="Sender's Email: $sender_email\n";
$msg.="Message: $message\n\n";

//set up mail variables
$subject="Web site feedback";
$mailheaders="From:My Web site\n";

//send the email
mail($to, $subject, $msg, $mailheaders);


Upload Content code [process file]

print"<h2>Your file was not received</h2><br>";
print"Either the file size was too big or<br>";
print"the file was larger than 125k.";
print"<h2> Thank you file has been received</h2>";





One response

7 05 2006

very well .i almost wrote it down. thank you honey:) i already have mine :

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