I called my client – Eason

8 02 2006

I called my client – Eason. We had a further discussion about our project. It was great. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to implement the web accesibility on his web site. I will try to persuade (or educate ) my client again to use the web accesibility.
(PS: I would like to thank you to Lubna because she invited me to join her interview with Andrew about the web accesibility and now I know how important is it. Many thanks).




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8 02 2006
Eason Cheah @ CITRO

Thanks for your call yesterday. I experienced your sence of resposibility and commitment, i really appreciate it! On the other hand i feel sorry that i cant cob-up with your question and request.

Here are few things we need to sought out:

1) Regarding your charges, after discussion with my partner… RM1000.00 Deal! Thanks.

2) Can you send me agian the forms that i am neeeded to fill. (Sorry that i am slow in handdling all this E tech thingy.)

3) Answer to question you sent to me via mail on 1 Feb (Sorry again, we have a long break here for CNY holiday):

Q1, Q2 & Q3 – Our objective is to serve as a company portfolio to eneasier to some of our new approached client to understand more about us, who we are, wat we do and wat we did. Of course, after the teleconversation with you yest, i feel it is no harm to have a web site, so that those who are interested in our service can contact us via email on the web.

Q4 – Honestly, I won say web site is not effective to promote my company, it will, but just the name and not to generate business. I will say we rather don need a wed site to promote my company simply because the nature of business is limited by the company capacity that we are not able to handdle clients in a massive way. Secondly, most of our business generated from networking of a personal relationship level; either by reference from clients to clients, old clients shift form a company to another and some business social friend.

Q5 – Answered.

Q6 – BTL Advertising company.

Q7 – Anyone whom we can provide our service (not in particular)

Q8 – I am not sure. You suggest?

Q9 – Say two to three months times.

Q10 – I have no idea wat do we want thus far till i saw some of the progress form you.


4) I will mail you some copy on our company introduction soon.

Thank very much.

8 02 2006

Hi Eason,
Thank you for feedback and comments. Sure, I will send you a copy of the Online Client-Centred project scoping Questionnaire form again. Actually, this form is good practice to find out what you particularly like or dislike and online knowledge. If you have any question about this form. Please, feel free to contact me.
I appreciate your reply and your answer. It definitely helps me a lot when I am starting to design your web site.

Thank you very much.

13 02 2006
Hon Tat

Well, web accesiblity is a great initiative for Increase Market Share and Audience Reach and Improve usablity for CITRO project beside Demonstrate Social Responsibility web accesibility


here is an article from W3 explainign the benifits of implementing

Maybe Eason(client), is a business man that just want his website to be live asap and may be he just thought his target audience will consist only business people since he is running an advertising agency.

I hope the benifit list from the link will help you in effort to educate Eason.

Hon Tat

13 02 2006

Thank you again. Hon Tat.

I had my individual tutorial this afternoon with my lecturer. After speaking to her that how important the web accesibility. And you are right that web accesibility is a great initiative to increase market share, improve usability etc and it can’t ignore now a days but I guess you also know that most of the creative companies don’t want to apply web accesibility because it limits their ideas.

Of course, I am going to provide more information to Eason about creative web accesibility sites (maybe,using flash).

By the way, do you know which FLASH web sites are using web accesibility? Perhaps you can give me some ideas or directions!!

Many Thanks!

15 02 2006
Hon Tat

Hi, Hongy

below are list of case studies from macromedia website about accesibility.


the their development resource centre :


hope it helps

Hon Tat

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