Digital Art Practices – Meta U

31 01 2006

:: What words would you use as a META description of yourself (12 words maximum)
Creative, friendly, silly, dreamer, coward (of ghost), conservative, well-intentioned and loyalty.

:: What words would you use as a META description of your interests (12 words maximum)
Music, painting, animation, watching movie, travelling, reading, chatting and dreaming.

:: Who are your favourite artists, writers, designers working in the area of interactive digital media? Or, whose website would you link to?, Amy Tan, San Mau, Picasso, Henri Matisse,
Jon Burgerman (,Rinzen (…

:: What images/visuals do you like at the moment? (Pictures, paintings, adverts, artworks, designs, products)
Contemporary art, Fine art, Vector-based graphics, Motion graphic, icons, characters design…
:: What other media is of interest you? Why?
Video with animation vector effect, Sound, Web motion..

:: What, for you, is important about interaction?
To communicate with people with a lot of interactive ways and quick respond.

:: What is your preferred method of communication? Which is your least preferred?
Preferred methods are , email, sending SMS, face to face, web site.
Least preferred methods are visiting, letter by post, telephone

:: Please make a diagram of your practice and your interests on the following page.





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